12/17/2019 - (last updated: 2019-12-17)

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Learned previously

  • docker run with -it and --rm options
  • shared directory with -v option
  • listing and removing images:
    • docker images
    • docker rmi IMAGE_NAME
  • listing and removing containers:
    • docker container ls with optional -a or -aq
    • docker rm CONTAINER_ID to remove a container
  • Choosing an image from Docker Hub
  • pull images and use appropriate tag if necessary
  • We can run a container from within (“dive-in) or without (”remote")

Part 3: Learning objectives

  • Select Docker images from Docker Hub

  • Use multiple Docker container to accomplish related tasks

  • Docker images and Docker files

  • Learn about, and bypass ENTRYPOINT of Docker images

  • Main objective: face and resolve challenges

Task 1: choosing Docker images

Clustal Omega

We’ll run clustalomega from outside

We’ll encounter 2 errors:

  • FATAL: Cowardly refusing to overwrite already existing file

  • unexpected argument "/bin/sh"


This command will fail:

docker run -it --rm pegi3s/clustalomega /bin/sh
  • Why?